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St. Andrews Public Service District (SAPSD) was created by Act 443 of the South Carolina General Assembly on July 1, 1949. The territory was made up of five districts in St. Andrews Parish in Charleston County. It is a Special Purpose District originally created to provide fire protection, refuse removal, wastewater services, street lights, and street signs. Currently, SAPSD provides fire, rescue, first responder and environmental services, and street lighting to approximately 28,000 people in two districts. SAPSD operates administration offices, environmental services, maintenance facilities, and four fire stations.

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Chaplain Fogle

Chaplain Fogle has been a member of St. Andrews Fire Department since 1960. He first served as a volunteer firefighter and later became the department’s Chaplain. He served in that capacity for over 50 years. Chaplain Fogle was a respected member of the community with always a kind word for anyone. He and his wife served our department with distinction for many years, often times taking members into their home and comforting them in times of need.

Chaplain Fogle passed away on Monday, September 11, 2017. He left a great impact on St. Andrews and the surrounding community that will last forever.