About the Department


St. Andrews Fire Department (SAFD) provides fire, rescue, and first responder services to the unincorporated area of West Ashley. The operational staff is divided into a ladder company, a rescue company, three engine companies, and a quick response vehicle (QRV) operating out of four fire stations. Each company is staffed with a minimum of three members, except the QRV which is staffed with two, on a daily basis under the direction of a Battalion Chief. Through a commitment of automatic aid, we assist the fire departments of North Charleston, St. John’s, James Island, and City of Charleston in meeting their missions on a daily basis


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SAFD fire stations

Station 1 (Headquarters)
1775 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29407

Station 2
2480 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29414

Station 3
2590 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414

Station 4
1340 Bees Ferry Road
Charleston, SC 29414